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News from 15.12.2013Only few relationships endure 30 years. andré media GmbH (later AG) and EDEKA Dirnberger in Wenzenbach succeeded. the agency and the supermarket have...Leer mas

News from 04.11.2013Have you gone home from shopping having a melody haunting you? This effect is exactly what andré media is aiming at. We will produce your personal...Leer mas

News from 27.10.2013Director of sales Peter Rohse handed the cars to member of the board Thomas Finke and Brigitte Süß at the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Regensburg.

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News from 23.10.2013The director of sales Peter Rohse (left) of the dealership in Regensburg hands over new andré service cars to Brigitte Süß and board member Thomas...Leer mas

News from 11.09.2013The andré team is happy about its yearly addition of young employees.

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News from 06.05.2013(…) „Blickkontakte Werbegesellschaft“, one of our German partners located in the city of Meisenheim, supports a special champagne within the...Leer mas

News from 18.03.2013One single idea can change an entire life sometimes. Gerhard Süß not just started his business career with anidea of supermarket media, but also...Leer mas


The andré group celebrates 30 years of shopping cart advertising!

It all started in two Meister supermarkets in Regensburg: in 1982, the local advertising company andré specialized in the marketing of a new... Leer mas