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The andré group celebrates 30 years of shopping cart advertising!

It all started in two Meister supermarkets in Regensburg: in 1982, the local advertising company andré specialized in the marketing of a new advertising medium. Polystyrene plates were mounted on the fronts of shopping carts - the idea was as simple as it was genius. The advertising medium began its triumph and today - in the modern andré frame system - it is seen daily in German and European supermarkets.

Whether or not andré head Gerhard W. Süß had any idea back then that the andré media group would write such a success story remains a secret. Looking back at the beginnings, the chairman of the board of the andré media AG talked about the hard work done in the young company: "After Klaus A. Grünling and I decided to redesign advertising on shopping carts and market the idea, we simply just started doing it. We acquired markets, visited customers, and created the franchise concept later on. The history of andré shows that it is worthwhile to believe in an idea." There were no big official anniversary celebrations - the company will celebrate 30 years of shopping cart advertising again this year during a company outing with all employees.