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andré media AG: 3 new trainees!

Image caption (from the left): chief instructor Andrea Weininger, Linda Häusler, Florian Stützlein, Lisa Schneider, Philipp Rollinger, Ramona Ratsch, Florian Fast

Regensburg, 09 Sept. 2011 They already have their first week at work behind them, the three new trainees in the team at the andré media AG. Lisa Schneider is being trained by the specialists for supermarket advertising to become an office clerk, while the two men in the trainee team, Philipp Rollinger and Fabian Fast, chose the media designer training program. The andré media AG currently has a total of 8 trainees and is thus ensuring they are training young talent to become qualified personnel at their company. Our company is expanding continuously, which is why our trainees have the best prospects for the future at andré as well as good training, says Andrea Weininger, chief instructor at the Regensburg advertising company. And besides, it's fun to help young people get a start in everyday professional life.