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DeinButler brings it - and receives an advertising package

The two owners of DeinButler, Daniel Pauer and Nemo Kriwoschej-Magnusson, still laugh incredulously. They have just received unexpected advertising support and are thrilled about the free advertising time for their young company. The advertising packages come from the specialists in supermarket advertising, the andré media AG and Funkhaus Regensburg. Other partners like Netto Marken-Discount, the attorney Christoph Schloder, and the Lindheim& Partner tax office complement the pool of supporters. Gerhard W. Süß, Chairman of the Board of Directors of andré and the originator of the idea, was also happy for the founding duo: we are all happy to support a young company like DeinButler. The ability to develop and realize a good business idea earns respect. With the free media and consulting services, we would like to provide a selected company with active promotion.

When andré head Gerhard W. Süß heard about the restaurant service DeinButler, he was reminded of the years when he founded andré: I know how hard the start phase in particular is for a company in spite of a good business idea. Little capital, hard work. That is why I wanted to offer them some support and also gain a new partner. Most are very open-minded when discussing the subject of promotion for young companies.

The owners of DeinButler received an extensive advertising package. andré media is making supermarket advertising available in cooperation with ten Netto markets in Regensburg. For five years, alternating poster designs will be advertising for DeinButler on shopping carts, reinforced by CashPoster advertising on the item dividers near the cash registers. The Funkhaus Regensburg with its head Gerd Penninger was happy to join in the advertising action: our contribution for DeinButler is the production of an advertising spot for a specific target group, and then airing the spot for 4 weeks on Radio gong fm. A nice job.

DeinButler, a good business idea

Our business idea is meeting with approval, but we naturally still need to do a lot to increase our level of recognition. The timing of the unexpected advertising packages was perfect, says DeinButler owner Daniel Pauer. The idea of offering a service to restaurants without offering our own delivery service came while we were at boarding school, where the two Butler bosses met. The co-founder Nemo Kriwoschej-Magnusson said that they even delivered food from restaurants in Füssen by moped already back then because none of them offered a delivery service. We could not let go of the idea even after we finished high school. Regensburg seemed to be an ideal location, so we opened for business here and were able to obtain our first restaurants as partners.

A logistics company with a high service factor

Today, DeinButler cooperates with 20 restaurants in the Regensburg region and delivers the food they offer to companies and the general public. A logistics company with a high service factor that numerous customers have come to appreciate. Our customers are very diverse, but mostly young people and large companies utilize our service. A big plus: customers can order from up to three different restaurants. This allows everyone to pick his or her favourite dish, and we bring everything to the customer at the same time, explained Daniel Pauer the concept. Their name was not selected at random either, as demonstrated by the red bow-ties on the collars of the company owners. The delivers also have the mannerisms of a butler when arriving at the customer, which is a special feature of the concept.

The two owners of DeinButler can look back over a year later at the successful founding phase. Pauer and Kriwoschej-Magnusson also know, though, that there are still many challenges to overcome, which is why we are already happy to work together with andré and the Funkhaus. We profit from all the experienced contacts, who are able to pass their expertise on to us, said the team of entrepreneurs in thanks. One of them had to excuse himself right after that, though – an order was being called in, and the customer has priority.

Promoting young companies

andré head Gerhard W. Süß is happy to hear that his advertising protégés are so customer-oriented: naturally, we cannot supply every young entrepreneur with free advertising packages, but I think we made the right choice with our action for DeinButler and can promote and guide at least one young company together with the other supporters.

This is further motivation for Daniel Pauer and Nemo Kriwoschej-Magnusson, who have also undertaken a great deal themselves. But first, another urgent call is coming in: 2 Teriyakis, 3 ham pizzas, 1 order of pork medallions. DeinButler delivers daily 11 AM to 12AM.