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The World Day of Poetry in the supermarket

"If the public does not go to the poem, then the poem must go to the public". In accordance with this motto, poems from 10 Rumpelstiltskin authors are now on display at the E-Center Wehrmann store in Spenge and on Enger shopping carts on the occasion of the World Day of Poetry on 21 March 2012.

The project is supported by Edeka Wehrmann and the andré media group in Regensburg, who normally markets the CartBoards on shopping carts to local companies wanting to advertise. Without this support, the idea would have stayed just an idea.

The World Day of Poetry was declared by the UNESCO for the first time in 2000. It is intended to remind us of the importance of poems and of the diversity of language as a cultural treasure. There are numerous international actions and events. Even the Rumpelstiltskin Literature Project has drawn attention over the past few years to its own activities on the World Day of Poetry - and naturally to itself as well. In 2011, for example, they did this with a Lyric Attack on the Jahnplatz in Bielefeld. There are now poems from ten Rumpelstilzchen authors on CartBoards in two local supermarkets so that they can accompany customers while shopping and waiting at the cash register.