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News from 25.06.2008Supermarket customers are familiar with CartBoards as an advertising medium on shopping carts in the markets and like to hear about good businesses or... Leer mas

News from 05.05.2008Every year on the same weekend as the Regensburg Marathon, there is an event for sponsors, sportspersons, and representatives from business and media.... Leer mas

News from 24.03.2008The expansion of the andré media group in Europe continues. For a long time now, andré partner companies have been working in Austria and Spain. In... Leer mas

News from 31.01.2008We have submitted ourselves to a voluntary credit standing check conducted by the Deutsche Bundesbank. The results after evaluating all balance sheet... Leer mas

News from 03.07.2007In the middle of June, the andré media group celebrated the 25 year anniversary of the CartBoard advertising medium, and the andré media AG in... Leer mas

News from 06.06.2007In Austria, they are already a great success, and are now being tested by the andré media group in Germany as well: CashPosters on goods divider... Leer mas


30 Years andré media and EDEKA Dirnberger

Only few relationships endure 30 years. andré media GmbH (later AG) and EDEKA Dirnberger in Wenzenbach succeeded. the agency and the supermarket have... Leer mas