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News from 22.01.2010The Handelsjournal business magazine awards the best products for more sales and profits.Leer mas

News from 07.10.2009The andré media AG continues to expand in Eastern Europe. Under the management of Gerhard Küffner, a new andré partner the supermarket media business... Leer mas

News from 05.08.2009The andré media AG has been supporting the SSV Jahn Regensburg for many years now. And not only known by Jahn fans is the 90 metre long curve with the...Leer mas

News from 01.07.2009The andré media AG has brought the INAS GmbH back to Regensburg. This clears the path toward gaining regional companies starting immediately, but also... Leer mas

News from 22.12.2008What was actually intended as classic April Fool's joke was presented with pride at the andré media AG Christmas party: a photo calendar with pictures... Leer mas

News from 25.09.2008After CartBoards and CashPosters in supermarkets, the andré media group is expanding their offering. The newest medium, available in over 3000 Rewe... Leer mas

News from 04.07.2008Walpurga Plank from Neumarkt was searching like crazy in Eastern Bavaria. She was the first one to discover the Golden Charivari shopping cart and can... Leer mas


30 Years andré media and EDEKA Dirnberger

Only few relationships endure 30 years. andré media GmbH (later AG) and EDEKA Dirnberger in Wenzenbach succeeded. the agency and the supermarket have... Leer mas