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News from 13.01.2011The andré media AG as a franchiser for supermarket advertising is expanding its foreign business. Two new andré businesses will open shortly; andré... Leer mas

News from 15.09.2010The advertising professional celebrated its 15th anniversary as a company with the chart toppers James Cottriall and EAV all-star Andy Töfferl in the... Leer mas

News from 21.07.2010The expansion of the andré media group to foreign countries in Europe continues! We are happy to greet three new andré partner companies to the andré... Leer mas

News from 28.06.2010When shopping in the supermarket, advertising encounters interested consumers who are in the best mood to buy 300 days in the year. This is where the...Leer mas

News from 14.05.2010On Sunday, it gets serious for the five andré teams who are taking part on Sunday in the andré marathon relay team. The forecast predicts the... Leer mas

News from 27.03.2010For many years now, the andré media AG has been a trusted sponsor of the Regensburg Marathon. The close relationship will continue this year as well:... Leer mas

News from 05.02.2010Supermarket advertising is a winner/expansion domestically and in foreign countries. Leer mas


30 Years andré media and EDEKA Dirnberger

Only few relationships endure 30 years. andré media GmbH (later AG) and EDEKA Dirnberger in Wenzenbach succeeded. the agency and the supermarket have... Leer mas