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News from 19.06.2012It all started in two Meister supermarkets in Regensburg: in 1982, the local advertising company andré specialized in the marketing of a new... Leer mas

News from 02.04.2012The two owners of DeinButler, Daniel Pauer and Nemo Kriwoschej-Magnusson, still laugh incredulously. They have just received unexpected advertising... Leer mas

News from 21.03.2012"If the public does not go to the poem, then the poem must go to the public". In accordance with this motto, poems from 10 Rumpelstiltskin authors are... Leer mas

News from 09.01.2012The andré media group held a large start of the year meeting in Hamburg last weekend. Management, andré partners, and sales employees joined together... Leer mas

News from 09.09.2011Regensburg, 09 Sept. 2011 They already have their first week at work behind them, the three new trainees in the team at the andré media AG. Lisa... Leer mas

News from 04.02.2011Regensburg - "It is often a matter of seconds", says Prof. Dr. Michael Nerlich, head of the Rettungszentrum Regensburg (RZR or Regensburg Rescue...Leer mas

News from 26.01.2011RKT managing director Rudolf Bucher and Prof. Dr. Michael Nerlich, Chairman of the Board of Directors at RZR, were thrilled about the donation of a...Leer mas


30 Years andré media and EDEKA Dirnberger

Only few relationships endure 30 years. andré media GmbH (later AG) and EDEKA Dirnberger in Wenzenbach succeeded. the agency and the supermarket have... Leer mas