Company history of the andré media group


Another anniversary year: in 2012 andré celebrates 30 years of supermarket advertising, the andré media AG celebrates 5 years in the andré Office II as well as the fifth anniversary of the andré media AG.


The first overseas business gets started: andré supermarket media is also available in Canada starting now.


New businesses in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg!


New andré partner companies in Holland and Poland open!



Expansion in Eastern Europe:
In October, a new partner company - under the management of Gerhard Küffner - starts up in the Ukraine.


New at andré: InstoreRadio!
andré offers an additional attractive advertising media at the POS: in-store spots for regional customers on the Rewe radio station!

Today andré is the specialist for supermarket advertising in Germany and Europe - with CartBoards, CheckoutPosters, and InstoreRadio!

andré Rhein-Main opens a new company building!
One of the strongest andré businesses - the andré Rhein-Main GmbH under the management of André Schneider - opens the new company building in Suhl and a second location in Frankfurt-Eschborn. (See the image on the right.)

New partner companies in Italy, Hungary, Russia, and Poland!


Anniversary year: 25 years of andré shopping cart advertising!

Dedication of "andré Office II":
opening of the new "Office II" building of the andré media AG. The modern administration building, which has 1200 square meters of space, offers all kinds of room for further expansion starting immediately. In the image on the right: the new building.

New market presence, new Checkoutposter product!
A fresh breeze: andré mobile posters in consumer markets become CartBoards, the andré Werbung auf Einkaufswagen GmbH becomes the andré media AG. Introduction of a new advertising medium in supermarkets - CheckoutPosters near the cash registers in the supermarkets.

Further expansion in foreign countries! First sales activities in Russia and Poland.


Laying of the foundation stone for andré Office II!

The planning phase is completed, the construction phase begins: the foundation stone was laid and construction began for the new andré Office II in Regensburg.

In the figure: impressions from the official foundation stone laying ceremony.


The andré media group continues to expand in Europe!

The andré media group expands to two more countries in Europe: ice hockey legend Jiri Lala takes care of business in the Czech Republic, and sales activities start at the same time in Italy under the management of Michael Gillmaier.


15 years of andré advertising on shopping carts GmbH.
The andré headquarters and Gerhard W. Süß celebrate the anniversary with numerous well-wishers and employees. Image on bottom left: Founder Klaus A. Grünling with Gerhard W. Süß, the current head of andré.

Initial activities aimed towards the construction of the new Office II!
The andré headquarters has decided to build the expansion on the properly directly across from the andré building. Image on upper left: A small impression of the demolition of the former production building!

The andré Tower in Selb.
General franchisee Klaus A. Grünling fulfils his dream of having his own andré tower. 2004 saw the opening of the impressive company building of the andré GmbH. Image on upper/lower right: andré's company building and training room.


The expansion continues:

From its headquarters in Regensburg, additional andré agencies will be opened in North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, and Bavaria - supermarket advertising continues to be in high demand!


In the image to the right: the andré media group has always placed value on well-trained sales employees who offer our customer the best possible advice and provide support over the entire duration of the contract. Here is a quick glimpse at a sales training class during the expansion phase.


andré expansion program!

The andré headquarters starts a large expansion program in North Rhine-Westphalia. Many new employees will be hired, the sale of supermarket media starts in areas that were still unexploited: the beginning of successful years of the company with increasingly growing success!



In the image on the right: training new employees.


10 years of andré advertising on shopping carts!

A major anniversary in the history of the company: 10 years ago, the advertising studio andré became the andré Werbung auf Einkaufswagen GmbH under the sole management of Gerhard W. Süß.

Sales in the fiscal year 1999: 7 million German Marks!

In the image: the current Chairman of the Board Gerhard W. Süß in his old managing director's office.




New business presence:


Shopping carts as advertising media attains a new position in the advertising landscape: Advertising on shopping carts turns into mobile posters in consumer markets!


In the image on the right: previous advertising for andré!


Advertising on shopping carts in Austria, too!

Another andré business with POS marketing opens its doors under managing director Franz Russegger - and is responsible starting immediately for the sale of media in all of Austria!

The andré partner, which used to be small, has developed into a strong foreign partner that dominates the Austrian POS market and has made a significant contribution to the development and introduction of the andré CheckoutPoster.

In the image on the right: the successful POS marketing team surrounding managing director Franz Russegger!


The Blickkontakte Werbegesellschaft becomes a partner of the andré media group!


A new andré partner company - under the management of Stefan Mannweiler - is created in Meisenheim. Today, the Blickkontakte Werbegesellschaft is a very successful andré sales partner for CartBoards, CheckoutPosters, and InstoreRadio.


In the image on the right: the current building of the Blickkontakte Werbegesellschaft company in Meisenheim.


The end of the polystyrene board: now there is shopping cart advertising in an attractive advertising frame!

New opportunities arise for the advertising medium: with the introduction of the andré advertising frame system, the appearance of advertising in the supermarket gets a major upgrade!

In the image on the right: advertising displays in the new, attractive andré advertising frame!


Opening markets in the new federal states!

Company founder Klaus A. Grünling founds a new business in northern Bavaria as general franchisee and simultaneously founds 5 more andré partner businesses in the new federal states (Erfurt, Suhl, Neubrandenburg, Bad Wilsnack, and Berlin).

The andré Werbung auf Einkaufswagen GmbH!

On the right in the image: the new managing director Gerhard W. Süß with a group of employees at a company celebration and a big "andré Maintenance Championship" - the servicing and good appearance of the advertisements in the markets was always one of the main focuses of andré!



Founding of the andré Werbung auf Einkaufswagen GmbH under the management of Gerhard W. Süß!

The current andré head Gerhard W. Süß bought the company in the framework of a management buy-out with venture capital. The former managing director Süß had originally only planned becoming a partner, but the founder Klaus A. Grünling decided to sell the entire business.

The Werbung auf Einkaufswagen GmbH was founded under the sole management of Gerhard W. Süß, and Grünling remained a general franchisee and became a shopping cart advertising pioneer in the new federal states.

In the images on the right: the previous andré company building!


The andré advertising studio is adding a story!

The andré headquarters in Regensburg as well as the andré partner companies continue to work successfully on propagating shopping cart advertising in the advertising landscape.

Due to the good business situation, the andré headquarters in the Lichtenfelser Straße need even more space - resulting in the addition of a second floor to the existing single-story andré building in the Haslbach industrial park.


In the image on the right: 
the former sales representative crew at the andré headquarters with managing director Gerhard W. Süß (4th from the left).


New andré partner companies in Germany!

In 1986 additional partner companies help reinforce the andré media group: andré Werbung Berlin GmbH with its managing director Henner Senf and the Reutter advertising agency owned by Heinz Reutter - both are successful long-term andré partners in Germany today.


In the image on the right:
company founder Klaus A. Grünling with the new andré partner Henner Senf, who has positioned advertising on shopping carts in the Berlin metropolitan area.


andré builds its own company building!

New construction of its own, 200 square metre company building in the Regensburg-Haslbach industrial park - finally there is enough space for the further development of the young Regensburg advertising company!

andré Rhein-Neckar GmbH becomes a new andré partner!

One of the first andré partner companies, the andré Rhein-Neckar GmbH, starts up in the andré media group. Christian Dumm, the current managing director, has remained connected to the company today as a successful partner.

In the image on the right: impressions of the new company building of the andré Rhein-Neckar GmbH built in the year 2008!


andré becomes a franchisor!
The success of shopping cart advertising continues, and retailers demand fast regional expansion of the business. A franchise concept was worked out to be able to offer a full-coverage network for advertising on shopping carts. The first licensee started in 1984 in Heilbronn, and many others followed.

In the image on the right: the first documents of the andré advertising studio for licensees and franchisees!

Today there are 8 partner companies in Germany!
Additional andré businesses work in Austria, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, and Poland.


andré is able to acquire additional retail chains!

After the initial scepticism of customers to accept the new advertising media, a continuous path to expansion followed.

Right after the exclusive contracts with the Meister supermarkets, the large food retail chains quickly followed suit: Edeka, Kaufland, Lidl, and many others followed. 


In the image on the right: advertising on shopping carts as it used to appear in supermarkets - the advertising media are becoming an increasingly important part of the advertising landscape in the market.


andré specializes on shopping cart advertising!

The start: Klaus A. Grünling bumped into the idea of placing advertising on shopping carts. Gerhard W. Süß, the current head of andré, completed the team back then as managing director. The advertising medium, unknown until then, was redesigned and realized for the first time in 2 Regensburg markets: 30 x 30 cm polystyrene boards with company advertisements on the front of the shopping carts. The idea was well received by the advertising customers, and andré specialized solely in advertising on shopping carts! Towards the end of the first fiscal year, there were already 2500 shopping carts equipped with advertising in 150 eastern Bavarian markets.


In the image on the right: This is how the first mobile shopping baskets with andré advertising looked in 1982 in the two former "Meister" supermarkets (today real,-).


Establishment of the company

After graduating from university Klaus A. Grünling founded the advertising company andré which first published the event calendar “what when where”. He also successfully managed  and issued the journal “Ein Herz für Tiere”, which was sold to the publisher Gong later on.


In the image on the right: Company founder Klaus A. Grünling in his first little advertising office at andré!