andré media group - exceeding community!

The andré media group is a franchise organization with many exceeding partner companies in Germany and in many foreign countries. Due to this strong organization - with many creative, innovative minds - our company is able to deliver best results. For the benefit of our customers.

Current company figures of the andré media group

Group sales in 2013: approx. 51.2 million euros

Number of employees: approx. 550

Number of customers: 20,000

Number of advertising locations: 20,000

Number of advertising media in use: approx. 250,000 shopping carts and approx. 25,000 CheckoutPosters (all long-term leases)

Company structure

Franchise organization

Almost from its beginning the andré media group is a franchise organization. Headquarters: andré media AG located in the Regensburg-Haslbach industrial park.

Company headquarters: andré media AG, Regensburg

The andré media AG is the headquarters of the andré media group and franchiser for all andré businesses in Germany as well as in foreign countries. Furthermore, the headquarters serves its own sales region in Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hamburg, and Schleswig-Holstein.

andré partners in Germany

In Germany there is an extensive network of andré partner companies that take care of advising and realizing local supermarket advertising for andré customers.

andré International partners

Over the last few years, the andré media group has expanded their franchise concept for supermarket advertising to foreign countries as well. andré partners are already working today in many countries - some partners are in the start phase - and we are expanding further.


The andré group celebrates 30 years of shopping cart advertising!

It all started in two Meister supermarkets in Regensburg: in 1982, the local advertising company andré specialized in the marketing of a new... Leer mas