andré International partners

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andré media group represented in many European countries!

Even though the international expansion only began a few years ago, andré businesses are running today in many countries using our franchise concept for supermarket advertising. Further countries will follow. For the entire andré group, this is a strong development, and the expansion will strengthen the market position of andré in foreign countries as well.

The andré media group is still on an expansion course!

The andré media group has become established with supermarket advertising in the German and Austrian market. CartBoards and CheckoutPosters have a good market position here, which in the end is due to the proven andré franchise system. Although there is still potential for growth in the German-speaking countries, the time seemed right to take our concept to other countries as well. There are already successful andré businesses in many countries in Europe, while in other countries such as Canada they are in the startup phase.

Interested in your own andré franchise company?

The andré media group offers a successful franchise concept and is looking for additional andré partners in international markets.  If you are interested, you only need to apply with us. We actively and committedly support the expansion of every andré franchise business for supermarket advertising!


Christiane Gaul
andré International Coordination

Ice hockey legend Jiri Lala is an andré partner in the Czech Republic!

Jiri Lala (right) - here with andré head Gerhard W. Süß after the successful introduction of CheckoutPoster in the Czech Republic. The former ice hockey pro has not regretted his change in professional - and likes to talk about the beginnings at andré.